Special Riders of Sumner


 What a great day for a 5K!!

Thank you to all that participated in our 2nd Annual event.  A huge thank you to all of today's volunteers!!!

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RACE RESULTS POSTED AT http://www.amatteroftiming.com/


 Special Riders of Sumner is a non-profit organization that provides weekly horseback riding sessions to Sumner County youth and adults with all types of physical and mental disabilities.
Leisure and recreational opportunities for children and adults with disabilities are limited.  Special Riders of Sumner offers children and adults in Sumner County the chance to experience horseback riding.  This experience is made possible by the dedication of a large group of volunteers.  Our trained volunteers come from all walks of life and every age bracket.  They serve as instructors, leaders, side-walkers, feeders, and muckers!

Our Clients

We have approximately 35 active clients in our program each year.  They represent a large range of disabilities including:  Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autisim, visual loss, developemental and learning disabilities.  Horseback riding can be a very intimidating experience for anyone.  Some of our clients jump right in the saddle and love the experience from the first ride. Others may take a few more sessions to really enjoy the experience, but in the end all of our clients have smiles on their faces!

Our Horses

 Our horse are our greatest assets!!!  We ask them all to tolerate things that most horses won't, we're very thankful for each and everyone of them.  Special Riders program horses are donated to the program by individuals who believe in the benefits of horseback riding.  Most of our horses have competed in the show ring, barrel racing and pole bending or they've carried they're riders on untold miles of trails in their previous lives.  Their previous owners have donated them to us because they know they will get the best care possible and lots and lots ofattention!  Please go to the "horses" tab on our home page to see them in action